my love is like a red, red rose  //   that’s newly sprung in june my love is like the melody  //   that’s sweetly played in tune

Actual Angel Emilie de Ravin
Send me ‘Heads up!’ for my muse’s reaction to yours throwing a snowball at their head/face!

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Leave me a ღ for my muses reaction to waking up to your muse after a one night stand

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Tell me who you ship me with and I’ll go kiss them

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You know? I haven’t heard anyone say that in a long time.

How about sometime this weekend?

Well it’s true, and should have been said a long time ago. And this weekend sounds perfect.


Skin Deep || Behind the Scenes || Perfect Casting (is Perfect)

Bobby:”[I] got mesmerised by Emilie, I thought she’s really beautiful…”Jane: “Look at how ridiculous she looks, I mean she’s so beautiful, is what I mean by ridiculous.”
Jane Espenson and Bobby, Skin Deep commentary, on Emilie as Belle aka Beauty